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Say Anything April 14, 2014

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Last night I was alerted to the fact that today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the movie Say Anything by the headline on this post in NPR’s MonkeySee blog. I haven’t actually read it yet because I decided I wanted to get my own thoughts about the movie down before I did, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Not that I expect there to be a lot because my reflections on the movie are mostly going to be my personal experiences with it rather than stuff about the movie itself. Weirdly this morning at work in helping a theatre professor convert some recordings of productions from this year onto DVD I noticed a scene in one of the plays they put on included an homage to the scene in Say Anything where John Cusack holds the boom box playing “In Your Eyes” over his head. Part of me wonders if the college students watching the play even got the reference. I hope they did, but given that none of them were alive when this movie came out I have my doubts. I thought it was too funny though that I was already thinking about writing this post today and then I saw that. It was like a sign. Of what exactly I’m not sure, but a sign nonetheless.

The first time I saw Say Anything was a few years after its theatrical release. For the two and half years my family lived in Massachusetts due to some error we had free Cinemax with our cable. My parents never subscribed to any of the movie channels when I was growing up, so this short period was the only time we ever had access to any of them. I remember watching Say Anything when it was on Cinemax and loving it so much I recorded a copy of it onto a VHS tape. I upgraded to a for real VHS tape of the movie when I went away to college. I remember special ordering a copy of it from the Sam Goody in the mall my freshman year of college. (Man this paragraph is making me sound super old.) At some point I upgraded my VHS copy to a DVD, and now Say Anything is streaming on Netflix Instant.

No matter how many more format changes occur during my lifetime I have no doubt that Say Anything will remain one of my favorite movies. I couldn’t even possibly tell you how many times I have seen that movie. My friend Lauren and I must have watched it a hundred times when we were in high school. I also remember buying the soundtrack to the movie while on a trip to the mall with her. I have listened to that CD a lot over the years as well.

There are so many things I love about that movie, but the relationships between the characters really are what makes it a great movie. You have Diane and Lloyd obviously, but also Diane and her father, Lloyd and his sister, and Lloyd and his friends. All seem like real relationships rooted in all the things that actual relationships are based on. I don’t know one girl from my generation who did not want Lloyd Dobler to be her boyfriend, and who would not count the famous “In Your Eyes” boom box scene as one of the most romantic scenes in a movie ever. And just in case you forgot or didn’t ever see this video, let me remind you about the time John Cusack gave Peter Gabriel a boom box while attending one of his concerts. It makes me so happy, and it’s all obviously because of this movie.

That moment is obviously what made me fall head over heals in love with this movie, but there are so many other great moments in it too. If I sat here and listed them all out from the humorous to the heartbreaking I would essentially be recreating the script here, so I will just leave you with one more of my favorites which is towards the end when Diane goes to see Lloyd after their break up and after she finds out about her father’s misdeeds. Lloyd asks her if she’s there because she needed him or because she needed someone and I always thought that was such a poignant question. I really do just want to keep listing things, but I’m going to stop because really you should quit reading things about Say Anything and just go watch the movie.

I now realize it has been far too long since I have watched Say Anything. That is something I’m definitely going to have to remedy soon.




90s Hip Hop Playlist April 10, 2014

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Last Friday it had been a long week at work and it was super gloomy outside. I decided listening to some would be the perfect way to jump start my Friday. The day before I had heard Kris Kross’ “Jump” on the radio and was thinking about how great 90s hip hop was. I think we can all agree that 90s hip hop was the best, and that at least for people my age if you say hip hop that is the music they’re thinking of. Since I was obviously at work on Friday morning, I just used Spotify radio to have it throw some at me. I wasn’t super happy with the results because it didn’t stick with 90s hip hop, but it was good enough for a little while that morning.

I still wanted a playlist of what at least for me were the definitive 90s hip hop songs though, so last weekend I put together my own Spotify playlist. I’m pretty sure every song on this list is from the 90s, though I won’t guarantee it because I didn’t bother confirming. There could be some late 80s or early 00s that slipped in. It was interesting to me in putting it together to think that all of it was from the 90s. I kept thinking some of it should have been from another decade. At least in my mind there is a clear delineation between stuff from groups like Kris Kross and Bel Biv Devoe and stuff from people like Nas and Jay-Z. It’s probably because there was a shift in the music itself between the first half of the decade and the second, but also because there was a big shift in my own life at the time. In the first half of the decade I was in middle school and high school and the last half of the decade I was away at college. The shift from high school to college obviously is a big demarkation in my mind and I can clearly pick out music from between the two times in my life.

So here’s the playlist I put together. Have some fun listening to some 90s hip hop, and let me know if I missed anything that should clearly be on this list.



Giving of My Time April 7, 2014

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I feel a little weird about writing about any volunteer stuff I do here because it feels like I’m looking for a pat on the back or saying hey look at what a great person I am for doing this. Thus the reason that I’ve never done it before. I especially say this because I don’t feel like I do that much or enough. I’m quite honestly someone who would rather give of my money than give of my time. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I don’t like dealing with unfamiliar situations or people I don’t know, and volunteer work almost always involves both of these things at least initially and usually the people part every single time. My introverted tendencies mean I am horrible at small talk or generally engaging in conversations with people I don’t know, which is why I’m a little terrified of meeting new people. This anxiety increases even more with people who I have hard time communicating with for any additional reason such as a heavy accent I have a hard time understanding or a disability that may limit communication in some way.

In the past year or so though I feel like God has been calling on me to grow a little in this area. Last summer my position at work took on some new responsibilities that now involve me managing a lab with a bunch of adaptive technology for people with disabilities. As part of that last November I went to a conference on disability support in higher education institutions where a lot of people in attendance had disabilities of some kind. It was a really good learning experience for me. All around the same time last fall my church was doing a sermon series focused on all the ministry areas it is involved in. As I have mentioned before my church has two campuses now. I attend the smaller city one now, but for a long time attended what we affectionately refer to as the mother ship or big Grace. Big Grace has been very involved over the past 5 or 6 years in making the church a welcoming place for people with disabilities. One of the sermons during that series was about the disability ministry at big Grace and asking people to consider volunteering at something they call REST day. It was just another sign to me that God was saying hey this is an area I want you to be involved with so I went.

So what exactly is REST Day? Four times per school year (generally September, December, February, and April) families who have children (under the age of 21) with disabilities can drop their kids off at the church for a day of fun so that they can have the afternoon off to do whatever without having to worry about their kids. Both children with disabilities and their siblings are welcome so as to allow the parents complete freedom. It is completely free and open to the community not just people who attend the church. Other than the fact that it is held in a church and the families are given a packet with information about the church the event is completely secular so that non-religious or families of other religions are comfortable participating. It is just a way for the people of my church to serve the community and be the hands and feet of Jesus for a day to these families.

Kids are assigned groups based on age and disability. Kids who are lower functioning and need additional help are assigned an adult to work with them one-on-one for the day. Though I think the ratio for other kids is still about 1 and half adults per one child so there is a lot of adult supervision. The kids then rotate in their groups through various activity rooms (crafts, gym, music, games, face painting/nail polish, and movie/snack). In addition to the adults that are assigned to a group of kids there are also people who stay in each room to help out with whatever activity as the kids rotate through. Families are also sent home with a dinner prepared for them to eat. People from the church donate food and then there are also volunteers who work in the kitchen the day of to put all the meals together and to cook any additional food that is needed.

In the past I have worked as a room volunteer and in the kitchen. This past Saturday was the first time I have worked in a group of kids. I was nervous going in because I wasn’t sure how being responsible for an entire group of kids all day was going to be as opposed to just dealing with the kids for a short rotation while they were in my activity room while other people were mostly responsible for them. It turns out I liked being with the kids in a group a lot. My group of kids was composed mostly of younger kids (probably between the ages of 3 and 8 with a couple of older outliers) most of whom had some sort of hearing disability. Most of them had cochlear implants so had some hearing, but the majority also communicated via ASL. When I was in college one of the “blowoff” classes a lot of people took their senior year when they had fulfilled all their requirements but needed more credits was sign language. I took it with several of my friends. For some reason aside from the alphabet the one sign I remember is the sign for socks. Do not ask me why, and let me tell you how not useful knowing that particular sign is. I even could have used the word shoes to tell the kids to put their shoes back on when we were leaving the gym activity, but did I remember how to say that? Nope only socks. It worked out fine though. There were some adults in my group that are fluent in ASL so they helped out and were able to teach the rest of us a few useful signs. And some of them I could just pick up from context or we just used a lot of gestural communication. One little boy who kind of adopted me for the day at one point signed to me that he wanted me to sit down so that he could sit in my lap. It was very sweet and the since I had by that point learned the sign for sit (though I have already forgotten it) I knew what the sign for him sitting on my lap meant because the gesture made so much sense along with the sit sign.

It was a really fun day, and though I know I’m not a natural at this stuff (some of the people I was volunteering with really were) it’s something I want to continue to grow at doing. They don’t do it over the summer, but I look forward to participating again in the fall when they hold the next REST day.


O’s – Red Sox Game April 3, 2014

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Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really care that much about baseball, but I do enjoy going to a game every once in awhile. I don’t normally go this early in the season because it’s usually too cold for my taste. Though this isn’t the first O’s/Red Sox game I’ve been to in April before. It was about a decade ago, so I don’t know if this record still holds, but that game set the record for the coldest starting temperature of any Orioles game ever. So that was delightful. I’m happy it was much warmer last night. I didn’t even put my jacket on until halfway through the game and then it kept me plenty warm.

My friend Alison is from the Boston area and a Red Sox fan, so her boyfriend decided to give her an early birthday surprise with tickets to the game and invited Paul and I along to add to the surprise. We met them at the park and she was really surprised when the people climbing over her to get to their seats were us. Surprise! Thanks to Dave’s work we got fancy club level seats that I am never willing to pay for on my own. You get a waitress for your section who will bring you food or drink off a specific menu. However it was limited and we couldn’t find her for the first few innings when presumably lots of people were ordering stuff so we just went out on our own anyway. I was happier with the food I got that wasn’t on the menu anyway. The Boog’s pit beef on the club level is a great deal. It had the sandwich and then I could get baked beans, chips, cole slaw, and salad all included in the price. Plus the line was short. If you go to the one on the Eutaw Street concourse where the unwashed masses can all go the line is always super long and every thing that you get in addition to the sandwich is an additional charge. I was quite pleased with my dinner.

I have split loyalties between the Red Sox and the Orioles. When I go to games it’s typically between those two teams. I adopted the Red Sox as a team when we lived outside of Boston in my adolescence, but now that I’ve lived in Baltimore for 14 years it’s hard not to root for the Orioles as well. (Though time and an actual degree from University of Maryland have not resulted in me sharing my loyalties between them and Wake Forest. Go Deacs!). Basically last night I was just cheering for any good plays as opposed to for a specific team. The Red Sox won last night, so at least the birthday girl’s team won. Though I think she may too have split loyalties at this point.

It was a fun night out, and I think the first O’s game I’ve ever been to on a weeknight. I’m sure I’ll make it to one or two more games before the season is over. Go O’s!


Catching up with an Old Friend March 31, 2014

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Sunday morning I got to meet up with one of my good friends from high school over breakfast. She and her husband were up in Baltimore for the weekend with their almost 2 year old son. I hadn’t seen her since the year I drove from where I was in college in North Carolina to Boston where my sister was in college and stopped off in Pennsylvania where she was in college to visit on my way. It’s painful to think about how long ago that was. Almost as painful as her telling me her little brother who was a baby when we graduated high school is now himself graduating high school this year. It was great to see her, get to meet her family, and to catch up on life outside of Facebook. For all the annoying things about it, I can say that we probably never would have seen each other again had it not been for Facebook. We lost touch for many years before we reconnected that way. Though I did find some old letters she wrote me a couple years ago when my parents insisted I was no longer allowed to house any of my stuff in their house and I either had to take it or they were going to pitch it. Yes that’s right kids once upon a time if you wanted to correspond with someone you had to write them a letter on actual paper. Anyway it was really good to see her in person again after such a long time. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again before another 14 or so years go by.


Costumes of Downton Abbey at Winterthur Museum March 30, 2014

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Yesterday I went with a group of my friends to celebrate our friend Heather’s birthday at Winterthur Museum outside of Wilmington, Delaware. They currently have an exhibit of costumes from Downton Abbey. The $20 gets you timed access to the Downton Abbey exhibit plus access to their permanent galleries and a tour of the house, which lasts about an hour. Winterthur itself is a large country estate dating from the 1800s that was previously owned by the duPont family (you know of the Du Pont company). It was made into a museum in the 1950s after Henry Francis duPont donated  to create the museum after he built himself a (40 room!) retirement home on the property next door to it.

This was my second time at the museum. There was an exhibit of costumes from Oscar winning films the last time I was there, so I don’t know if costume exhibits are something they do frequently or if it just happened that was what was there on the two times I was there. There are also some lovely gardens at Winterthur, though yesterday’s pouring rain kept us from getting to enjoy them. At least not much is in bloom at the moment, so it didn’t feel like we were missing out on too much.

The Downton exhibit was really well done. They actually set it up as a comparison between Downton and Winterthur and the differences and similarities in how they operated as English and American estates during the same time period. The costumes were displayed with photos of the scenes where they were worn, sometimes looping video of the scenes they were worn in or lines from the script written on the wall, and information about the costume design or who would have worn a particular outfit and why. If you are a fan of Downton Abbey it is probably something you would really enjoy. The exhibit runs through the end of 2014, so you have plenty of time to get up there and see it if you are interested.

They were also having a Downton Abbey themed tea, which we did. I would definitely say it was not worth the $30, so if you’re going up I would skip it. I’ve done high tea any number of times and this was not nearly as nice. First, it was set up as a buffet instead of you being served your food on pretty little tiered trays, which definitely makes it feel less nice. Second and even worse was the tea itself. All other teas I have been to have involved a large selection of tea choices, which are then served as loose tea. This tea involved literally a pile of tea bags on the table with only about 4 flavors and none of them very exciting. I’m not even sure why they bothered to try and brand the tea as a Downton Abbey tea if they weren’t going to follow through on it. The first item listed on their menu was Mrs. Patmore’s salmon dill sandwiches or something like that, but it was the only thing on the menu that seemed even remotely related. If they were going to give up after the first item, I’m not sure why they bothered. The whole thing was pretty disappointed and definitely not worth the price. Save yourself the money and spend it on a real high teas somewhere else.

After getting back to Baltimore most people had to head home, but a handful of us stuck around and I feel like continued with the theme of the day by playing Clue. I mean a board game set in a large mansion, what could be a more fitting end to the day? In case you were wondering Dr. White (we renamed her because we decided it’s wrong that none of the female characters have professional titles) did it with the candlestick in the kitchen.


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Songs I Love: Are You Okay? by the Dum Dum Girls March 28, 2014

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“Are You Okay?” comes from the Dum Dum Girls recently released third album. Though they have been around in some form or fashion since 2008, this album is really the first I’m hearing of them. This particular song reminds me a lot of female led musical groups from the 90s like Mazzy Star and The Sundays. I feel like the melancholy guitar paired with the sultry sounding female vocals gives it that same vibe. If you like the music from either of those bands I recommend checking out The Dum Dum Girls.




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